Kwaii Paradise Brand

Kwaii is Sri Lanka’s only surf wear brand. We are proud to be based in the island of serendipity, a land that is home to diverse languages and ethnicities, owing to it its history of being at the crossroads of maritime routes. 

Brand strives to incorporate a similar ethos in its clothing by its manufacturing processes and its garments that reflect the mantra that surfers live by - Live and let live.

The true spirit of surfing lies in respect for the ocean, the environment and indigenous cultures, while creating harmonious relationships with local communities wherever surfers travel. Our clothing and accessories reflect this. The archetype of an alternative brand, Kwaii is an all-encompassing brand that blends surf, art, music and fashion. It is more a lifestyle than a surf shop – a fusion of individual art and modern surfing counterculture.


Kwaii is the brainchild of French nomad-entrepreneur, who fell in love with Sri Lanka while visiting with his children on a surfing trip. It was but a natural progression to set up base here, and combine his experience of a lifetime in the garments industry with his passion for surf culture. Along with Lucky, a certified ISA surf instructor from Weligama, who brings with him over 20 years of surfing experience, he started brand in 2018.

And while we have grown from our flagship at Weligama to locations in Galle, Arugam Bay and Goa (India) in just over a year, our products are now available online to anyone whose belief systems fall in line with this contemporary surf brand with a classic vibe.