When a Pandemic Hits Paradise


As of July, Sri Lanka has overcome the worst of the pandemic, reporting 2,081 Covid cases and 11 deaths, relatively low numbers thanks to the government taking immediate action at the onset of the global pandemic in the early part of the year, and is now in the process of slowly getting back on its feet.

While curfew has been lifted and most businesses and schools have been allowed to open, tourism has been the worst casualty with shutting down of borders and widespread social distancing. International flights continue to remain suspended till end-July, while the government concentrates on bringing back expat Sri Lankans.

Of course, businesses and shops aimed at tourists remain shut, as do we. Our café in Weligama and our stores (at Weligama, Galle and Arugam Bay) are eagerly waiting for the first trickle of tourists to arrive and we hope to have a great season in the latter part of 2020. Till then, take care and stay safe!